Our Catholic   Faith Experiences

My Intent:


The mission of the Catholic psychotherapy Association is to support mental health practitioners by promoting the development of psychological theory and mental health practice which encompasses a full understanding of the human person, family, and society in fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. 


My four books are part of a series detailing the links between the psychotherapy and Catholic anthropology. Each book focuses on a distinct domain within the Catholic understanding of the human person through the lense of psychotherapeutic theory and practice. In addition, each chapter of each book includes distinct psychotherapeutic and theological resources as well as questions for participants.


These works are in no way the final word on any of these topics. As N.T. Wright wrote, "Whenever we talk or write about faith or psychotherapy, we’re building sandcastles before the Matterhorn Mountain!" However, the books and each chapter are intended as conversation starters. My hope is that the conversation will inspire others to build on my work, creating an even more thorough understanding of faith and psychotherapy. I will consider these books a success if this opens meaningful discussions on the practice of Catholic psychotherapy. 

Deacon Ray Biersbach, PhD